Mudscupper’s is a body art studio. We do not sell drug related products of any type. Our community already has enough problems without small businesses adding to them.

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Navel Piercing $35  Double $60

Eyebrow Piercing $35

Triple Navel Piercing $90




Tongue Piercing $35

Bridge Piercing $45

Nose Piercing $35




Rook Piercing $45  Double $80

Nipple Piercing $80

Tragus Piercing $45  Double $80



Triple Forward Helix

Industrial Piercing $45

Orbit Piercing $55

Triple Forward Helix $85  Double $60

Single Lip Piercing

Snake Bite Piercing

Single Helix

Single Lip Piercing $35

Vertical Lip Piercing $35

Medusa $35

Double Lip Piercing $60

Snake Bites, Spider Bites, Angel Bites

Single Helix $35  Double $60  Triple $75

Why get a piercing at Mudscupper’s?

Experience: Michael is our onsite piercer. He has over 13 years experience and knowledgeable in all aspects of piercing. We do not allow inexperienced and untrained individuals to practice on our customers. Michael knowledgeable, bloodborne pathogen trained and is licensed by the State of New Mexico.

Guarantee: We do our best to make your piercing experience a good one. If you experience any difficulties during the healing period, we are here to assist you. Whether it’s helping change jewelry, gauging, or losing a part of your jewelry... we are here to help.

Health: You are guaranteed that all equipment and materials used to perform your piercing is sterilized and safe. All tools and needles are only removed from the packaging in front of our customers. (We never reuse needles under any circumstance!)

About Piercing

Although the vast majority of piercings are very safe and event free, no two people are physiologically the same. There are instances we will refuse to perform a piercing for physical and/or health reasons. If this should happen to you, we will explain to you why and suggest an alternate type of piercing.

If a piercing should not be done, due to physical or health reasons, I would rather turn away your business and gain your trust, than take your money.” Michael Gibbs

As experienced Piercing Artists, we will suggest the best type, size, and styles of jewelry available for the specific piercing you desire. Many new piercing require temporary jewelry of a longer length or wider diameter to accommodate possible swelling. If you have any issues with a piercing, please contact us. We are here to make sure your piercing experience and overall satisfaction with your piercing is good. Jewelry provided with most piercing is at no additional cost. You can choose different jewelry from our large selection at an additional cost.

Prior to receiving your piercing we will address your questions and concerns. We will dispel inaccurate information, myths, hearsay, etc., you might have heard on the street or seen on the internet. We will always provide accurate up-to-date information about your specific piercing.

After receiving your piercing; we will inform you as to the best aftercare products that cleanse, promote faster healing, prevent piercing bumps and infection. We will also discuss and demonstrate proper cleaning and aftercare techniques with you.

Remember: If your piercing was performed at Mudscupper’s, it was performed in a clean and sterile environment with sterilized tools. It is your responsibility to keep your new piercing clean and infection free. The number one cause of infection is neglect! Always wash your hands before and after touching your piercing. Use quality aftercare products that are antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal.

Piercing Guarantee

All piercing are guaranteed. The conditions for this guarantee are simple; if you have any issues and/or concerns about your piercing, you must immediately come in and allow us to examine it. If we determine you have properly cared for your piercing as outlined in our aftercare handout, we will remove the piercing and offer to re-pierce it after it has healed.

Age Requirement

You MUST be 18 years of age or older to get a piercing. If you are under the age of 18, you will need a picture ID (school ID, State ID, etc.) and legal guardian must provide picture ID and sign for you. If last names are different, legal documentation such as birth certificate, court documents, medical card with minor and guardians names must be furnished.


 We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

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