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We do not and will never sell drug related products. Our community does not need businesses contributing to ruining the lives of our youth and adding to our local drug problems.


1331 Juan Tabo Blvd. N. E.   Suite Q    Albuquerque, NM 87112   505-299-5217





Piercing start at $35.00

Tattoo minimum = $60.00



We have one of the largest jewelry selections in the state. Remember, we purchase our body jewelry from the same manufactures, we just sell it for 20-40% less.





Does the shop appear to be clean and well maintained? A shop that does not appear to be well kept might also be a shop that puts sterilization (your health) at the bottom of their list.

Check for the following:

Current business license for tattooing & piercing by the state?

Does each tattoo artist have a license to tattoo or pierce?

Do the artist have CPR/AED and bloodborne pathogen training as required by law?

Does the shop explain the sterilization process in a manner that is reassuring to you? Not just try to blow past the question with a smile or humor.

Does the shop allow you to view the sterilization room upon request?

Does the shop make their annual health inspection reports available for public viewing?




There are many clean and sterile shops. They are ran by professionals that put pride in their work and always put the health of their customers as priority #1.

There are shops out their that cut corners and could care less about the public health .

Check for the following:

Are the staff professional and courteous?

Do the staff readily bad mouth other shops or artist in an ill attempt to win your favor?

Do the staff tell you what you want to hear and/or try to hurry you into getting a tattoo or piercing?

Do they offer to show you their portfolio? Is it their portfolio?




Many people get overly excited and impatient about getting a new tattoo or piercing. We recommend you shop around. Check out several shops. Get to know the staff and watch them actually perform a tattoo/piercing if possible. DO NOT go for the lowest price! You may end up paying again to get a bad tattoo or piercing fixed. DO NOT go for the highest price either. High prices donít always mean the best tattoo or piercing. Prices vary a great deal from shop to shop. Remember, a good artist will want fair compensation for their talent.

On a daily basis we have customers come in with bad tattoos and piercings. They are seeking help in getting them fixed. They end up paying twice. And tattoos, they usually will not look as good had they been done right to begin with.

A good tattoo isnít cheap.  And a cheap tattoo isnít good!


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