Mudscupperís is a body art studio. We do not sell drug related products of any type. Our community already has enough problems without small businesses adding to them.

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1331 Juan Tabo Blvd. N. E. Suite Q  Albuquerque, NM 87112                                             505-299-5217




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Tattoo Minimum - See special below                           Piercing - See special below





Traditional Earlobes: $25.00 + cost of jewelry ($10.00 and up)

Gauged Earlobes: 16 gauge and up, $30.00 + cost of jewelry ($10.00 and up)

Single Piercing: Nose, Labret, Eyebrow, Helix, Tongue, Lip, Monroe, Navel (includes jewelry) $40.00)

 Double Piercing: combination of two single piercings, Spider Bites, Snake Bites, Angel Bites (includes jewelry) - $60.00

Septum, Rook, Daith, Tragus, Conch, Industrial, Bridge (includes jewelry) - $45.00

Hood (VCH): $60.00 (includes Jewelry)

Nipples: $70.00 (includes jewelry)

Triple Forward Helix (includes jewelry) - $75.00

* All jewelry is 316L surgical steel

 4 oz. Piercing First Aid spray: $10.00   4 oz. Oral First Aid spray: $10.00


We keep open slots during the day for walk-in tattoos. These slots are on a first come first serve basis and fill up pretty fast. It is always best to stop in and reserve a time slot. For larger tattoos, it is always best to stop in for a consultation and our available time. If we canít do it that day, we are happy to schedule an appointment.

Shop Minimum: $60.00

* Exception: Very small tattoos - may be as low as - $35.00

Smaller * medium Size Tattoos: We price by the piece.

Larger Tattoos: We may charge by the hour.

Tattoo First Aid & Healing Balm: 1 oz. $7.99, 1.5 oz. $9.99, 2 oz. 10.99



One of the LARGEST jewelry selections in Albuquerque    Always 30% to 50% less


Mudscupperís Tattoo & Piercing has been providing great tattoos and piercing for the greater Albuquerque area since 2004.





Tattoo and piercing parlors are required to display a Body Art Establishment business license. Each body art practitioner is required to display a Tattoo Artist License, a Piercing Artist License, or both. These licenseís inform the public are staff are knowledgeable in sterilization, safety standards and Heath Care practices to protect the public.

At Mudscupperís, we proudly display Tattoo & Piercing license for each staff member.


All tattoo and piercing establishments undergo a yearly inspection by the State of New Mexico. Mudscupperís inspection reports are available for public viewing at the front desk. CPR/AED and Bloodbourne Pathogen certifications for each staff member, also required by the state, are displayed at the front desk.


Mudscupperís considers sterilization the most important aspect of our business. Our sterilization room, equipment and inspection records are always available for public viewing. Our staff are always more than happy to explain the sterilization process and answer any questions.


Portfolios for each artist is available for viewing at the front desk, as well as on this web site. We strongly encourage everyone to view portfolios because it tells you the styles and skill levels of each artist. This will better help you select a artist to meet your needs. Once you select an artist, you can discuss your vision, the time and cost involved, and make sure you and the artist feel comfortable with each other.

At Mudscupperís, we charge by the piece. This way, you know exactly what your getting up front, the time involved and the cost.

Touchups: Artist at Mudscupperís GUARANTEE their work and provide free touchups. Touchups must be scheduled within 30 days after receiving tattoo. Exceptions: if customer neglects to provide proper care and protection, we will charge a small fee to cover the cost of materials and sterilization. We believe this is fair to both the customer and artist.

Tattoo aftercare products are available at the front counter. We only sell proven products that are natural, provide excellent moisturizing, helps promote faster healing and protection against infection.

CAUTION: We encourage customers NOT to use store bought products such as A&D, Lubriderm, Aquaphor, etc. We also encourage customers to NOT purchase many of the so called designer ointments and balms for tattoos. These products are only skin moisturizers and NOT designed or made for: open wounds (tattoos), do not promote healing, and most important, DO NOT provide any protection from infection. Our artist will provide accurate aftercare instruction.


Jewelry designed for new piercing is included with most piercings. Most new piercings require jewelry of longer length and/or diameter to accommodate possible swelling. We use 316L surgical steel for all new piercing. Exceptions: earlobe and gauged piercings, customer may select other jewelry at additional cost. We only sell piercing aftercare products that cleanse, promote faster healing, effective at helping eliminate piercing bumps and prevent infection.

All piercing is guaranteed. To ensure your piercing experience is a good one, if within the healing time of your specific type of piercing: if your body rejects the jewelry, the piercing heals leaving the appearance of the jewelry at an unusual angle, we will redo your piercing free of charge.

Our piercer is always available during business hours. Our piercer is always happy to help change jewelry for our customers. In addition, our piercer is always available if you have any issues or problems with your piercing and jewelry. We are here to help!

Piercing aftercare products are available at the front counter. We only sell proven products that are natural, helps promote faster healing and protection against infection.

CAUTION: Regular sea salt and saline solutions are great cleansers, however, sea salt solutions DO NOT prevent infections such as Staph and MRSA.



If you are under 18 years of age, you MUST be accompanied by a LEGAL guardian. You and the guardian MUST have photo IDís. If last names are not the same, court papers, medical cards or other legal documents must be provided.


A good tattoo isnít cheap, a cheap tattoo isnít good!


Mudscuppers Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo Balm keeps tattoo moist and promotes faster healing while preventing infection.

Muscuppers Piercing Aftercare Spray

Piercing products help keep piercings clean, promote faster healing and prevent infection.

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